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Unclaimed Funds Specialist

Our company has been a professional Unclaimed Funds Recovery Consultant Agency since 2019. We believe in maintaining a positive mindset, creating partnerships with a purpose, and always striving for significant outcomes. When you work with me, you should expect a collaboration with Integrity, Transparency and Consistency



Cusp of Tomorrow is an organization with in-depth knowledge and expertise in the recovery of assets and valuable properties. We utilize this knowledge to locate and recover various dormant, abandoned, or hidden properties that have been out of sight from the rightful owner for years.

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Step towards rightful ownership

We provide our services to individuals, corporate institutions, private and public entities to successfully recover missing funds that have been hidden from them. Such money can get misappropriated or missing as a result of several factors, which include improper tracking and documentation, failure to update mailing addresses, change of name and location, and many other unsuspecting reasons.


A Comprehensive Approach

Our company works in collaboration with individuals or corporate entities whose unclaimed funds have been discovered. Aside from that, we also work with individuals who have outstanding or missing funds that need to be traced. Many times, most of these people are oblivious of their entitlement because those assets are yet to be recovered. It is quite unfortunate that no law or jurisdiction enforces the people withholding your asset to make an extra effort to return it. Hence, you will not only need the support of a recovery professional but will as well need to collaborate with the experts. In some cases, many people have discovered the source of the missing funds but do not have the expertise, time, and the intrinsic knowledge on the process of recovering these assets without the help of an expert.

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Expert Guidance with Trust and Integrity

The process of recovering hidden or missing assets can be very challenging, mainly due to barriers that are posed by government agencies or unlawful asset holders. At times, it may require legal order from the courts or permission from local governments before these funds can be reunited. Additionally, there might be a need to search and locate documents that will attest to the ownership of these funds. We are quite aware of these dichotomies in process, and we have adept, profound, and competent staff that will take care of the different stages. Our services are personalized and, on a case-to-case basis to ensure that you recover every hidden or unclaimed monies.

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